Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor

Rainbows are a beautiful symbol of hope and a timeless way to bring cheer to a classroom. 

The Boho Rainbow color palette and the gorgeous rainbow graphics will instantly make your new students feel at home.

Classroom Color Palette

Let's be honest...the color palette is what makes us fall in love with a classroom decor theme.

The Boho Rainbow Decor color palette doesn't disappoint! It strikes the perfect balance between calming and cheerful.

Calming Classroom Color Palette for Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle

Printable Bulletin Board Borders

Your classroom borders are the finishing touch for a bulletin board. 

They're also a good place to start when planning your classroom decor! 

Boho Rainbow Printable Bulletin Board Borders

Good news is you won't have to spend time trying to find the perfect match. The printable Boho Rainbow Borders come in 16 different designs.

Choose from 8 pattern borders and 8 scalloped borders in gorgeous colors from the Boho Rainbow color palette.

There are so many possibilities with these borders!

Straight edge and scalloped bulletin board borders layered on classroom bulletin board.

Try pairing a straight pattern border with a scalloped border for layered look.

Bulletin Board Paper

Before you start printing & laminating all the decor goodies, be sure to decide how you'd like to cover your bulletin boards.

Bulletin board paper is key in setting the tone for your classroom and the Weathered Wood Fadeless paper is always a solid choice.

weathered wood bulletin board paper

It works with SO many color palettes and the Boho Rainbow Decor is no exception!

Contact Paper on Bulletin Boards

Looking to try something new? Contact paper is another option for bulletin boards. 

Roll of weathered wood contact paper in front of bulletin board borders


With tons of colors and styles, you will definitely find one that works for your style.

This rustic white wood contact paper is just the right combo of rustic and clean for the Boho Rainbow decor!

Now that the stage is set, let's take a closer look at all the goodies in the Boho Rainbow Decor Collection!

Amazing Work Coming Soon!

Add some life to those empty bulletin boards at the beginning of the school year.

These boards can stay up all year: start with the Amazing Work Coming Soon posters and then replace them with student work.

Amazing Work Bulletin Board Display Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor
Choose from editable name cards or number cards to display student work. 
Grab your FREE set of the Amazing Work Coming Soon posters by clicking the photo below.

Your posters will automatically download to your Downloads folder once you click the image.

Free Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters

Affirmation Station

The daily messages your students read and hear can have a powerful impact on their self-image and mindset.

Introducing an Affirmation Station will empower them and have a positive influence on their inner self-talk.


Classroom Affirmation Mirror Cards Editable

Boho Rainbow Affirmation Cards on Classroom Mirror

Choose from 2 sweet design styles for the affirmation cards: bold color blocks (above) and subtle wood & rainbows (below).

Classroom Editable Affirmation Cards

These little cards have endless uses around the classroom!

Editable Affirmation Cards as Name Tags and Cubby Labels

Editable Affirmation Cards as Classroom Name Tags

Classroom Flip Calendar

Grab a magnetic curtain rod and binder rings to create a flip calendar

Available in Color Block Style and Minimalist Polka Dots, choosing your design will be more work than changing your calendar each morning ; )

Color Block Style

Boho Rainbow Magnetic Rod Flip Calendar

Boho Rainbow Magnetic Flip Calendar

Minimalist Polka Dots

Polka Dot Flip Calendar

Let’s not forget about those special days! Your kiddos will love the shout out on their birthdays!

Special Days Cards for Flip Calendar

You can find the link for the magnetic curtain rod on the Classroom Finds page.

Organizing Student Files

Your organizational heart is going to adore these binder tabs and file tabs, I promise!

Editable file tabs in 2 shapes are game-changers for your organizing your student files and teacher binders.

Student File Organization with Hanging File Folders and File Tabs

This gold hanging file holder from Umbra fits neatly on your desktop and will keep your important papers at your fingertips.

Gold desktop hanging file holder with days of the week labels

The tabs are also the perfect way to set up a Student Files or Turn In Bin!

Student Files Bin with Editable Class List Template

Endless uses for these in your classroom: collect assessments, student mailboxes or student portfolio work.

Classroom Door Decor

The classroom door is usually the first thing your students see when entering the room.

It sets the tone so let’s make it inspiring and welcoming with the Boho Rainbow Door Decor!

Boho Rainbow Door Decor with Names

There’s something special about students seeing their names on the door…it sends a message that this is their space and it feels more personalized.

Editable Names for Door Decor

Classroom Calendar Wall

The calendar math wall is often an important part of morning meetings and math talk. The Calendar Kit will be your BFF when setting it up!

Classroom Calendar Math Wall

There are so many options when it comes to setting up your classroom calendar.

The large calendar templates allow you to print a large calendar either at home or send it to a print shop like Staples.

Calendar pocket charts are another option and they make it easy to change the cards each month.

Black Calendar Pocket Chart with Number Cards

Check out this DIY tutorial if you’d like to use a whiteboard make a classroom calendar: Classroom Calendar DIY.

Classroom Whiteboard Calendar DIY

Keep track of Days in School with the chart and 10 frame cards!

Days in School Ten Frames

It's good to keep track because sometimes it feels like this ;)

Days in School Chart Boho Rainbow

Sound Wall

Take the overwhelm out of setting up your classroom Sound Wall!

Both beautiful and functional, this Boho Rainbow Sound Wall will be a valuable addition to your literacy instruction.

Science of Reading Sound Wall Vowel Valley

A Vowel Valley and Consonant Wall are included and you can choose from black & white or color graphics.

There are 127 different grapheme cards that are color-coded to match the phoneme cards.

Of course, there are MANY editable PowerPoint templates included so you can customize it to meet your classroom needs.

Word Wall

Let’s begin with letter headings, shall we?! Letter headings on the Word Wall should be easy to read from anywhere in the room.

Boho Rainbow Word Wall Header Cards

Editable word wall cards are included and the PDF allows you to simply type and print!

The font is embedded which makes it so simple. No downloading and installing fonts required!

Classroom Labels

The bundle includes TONS of labels to organize your classroom!

A key to an organized classroom is making sure everything has a home and it is clearly labeled. 

These classroom supply labels make organizing your classroom supplies a breeze!

Classroom Supply Labels with Graphics

Looking for larger bin labels? These rainbow labels are one of my favorites!

Large Editable Classroom Labels with Rainbows

You can also use these rainbow labels to make WELCOME signs, classroom center signs, or add inspirational messages.

Teacher Binder Organization

While planning our classroom decor and classroom setup, we also need to remember to set up the organizational systems that we will need once the year starts rolling.

The binder organization system has been my lifeline for a decade! 

If you decide to give it a try, this bundle has the binder covers to help you start organizing all those teaching resources!

Boho Rainbow Monthly Binder Covers with Quotes

Just add binders & page protectors and you’re good to go.

The binder covers have adorable Melonheadz graphics and inspiring quotes that will make you smile when you reach for them:)

Teacher Monthly Binders with Melonheadz Graphics

Teacher Monthly Binders with Melonheadz Graphics

Inspirational Posters

Finding a nook in the classroom to share a few inspirational posters can help create a positive and welcoming space.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Inspirational Posters

Hanging them on a string of fairy lights makes it easy to swap them out too!

Whether it be near your teacher desk, in a calming corner or by the entry to the classroom, these messages will have an impact.

Where Are We?

Your school admin and co-workers will love you for this one!

Hang a Where Are We? chart on your classroom door so everyone knows where to find you!

Where Are We Classroom Chart Editable

I used this tin plaque from Walmart and added a magnet. Quick & simple! 

Desk Tags

Handwriting student names on desk tags can be time consuming and tedious.

These student desk tags are easy to edit and you can take advantage of all the fabulous fonts out there!

Editable Student Desk Name Tags

Choose from several design options including desk tags with an alphabet and numbers to 20.

Desk Name Tags with Alphabet and Number Line

Both Primary & Whimsical fonts are embedded so pick your fave and type! No need to download any fonts.

Primary Font Editable Desk Name Tags

Need to use your own font? No problem! You have the option to change the style, color, and size. 

Rolling Cart Labels

These rolling carts are one of the most versatile organization tools for a classroom.

10 Drawer Rolling Cart with Boho Rainbow Labels

The Boho Rainbow Cart Labels are editable and labels are included for the 5 drawer, 10 drawer and 12 drawer carts.

Choose from 2 designs: bold backgrounds or soft white wood.

White Wood and Rainbow Editable Cart Labels

Boho Rainbow Editable 10 Drawer Cart Labels

Attaching Your Cart Labels

To attach your labels, I recommend double-sided tape or a glue gun.

Aligning the label with the bottom of the drawer also helps to keep everything straight!

If you’d like to attach the knobs, I’ve found a pen (or sharp pencil) does the trick nicely!

Once you’ve secured the labels in place, GENTLY press the pen from the interior of the drawer toward the outside of the drawer.

Attaching labels and knobs to 10 drawer cart

This will create a small hole. Next, press the pen from the exterior of the drawer toward the interior to make it larger.

You can gently rotate the pen in a circular motion to create a larger hole and you can add the know.

Always Remember 

Setting up a classroom or changing your classroom decor can be exhausting… like trying to get 30 kinders dressed for recess during a Canadian winter level of tired.

Just remember that the work pays off and it feels amazing to welcome your new group of kiddos into a room that feels welcoming and special.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Setup

On days you feel overwhelmed, remember this: Your classroom is ALWAYS a work in progress.

Boho Rainbow Teacher Toolbox and Binder Covers

Take time to step back and see how much you’ve accomplished instead of focusing on the long ‘to-do’ list ahead!

Prioritize what you need to get through the first days and work on the rest as you go along.

Boho Rainbow Alphabet Posters and Number Line

Remember things like: PENCILS! I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been scrambling to sharpen pencils at the last minute. Oops!

Sharp and Dull Classroom Pencil Bucket Labels

Everything does not need to be done before the first day!

What does need to be done, however, are your teaching plans!! You can always add/change your classroom decor as the year progresses.

Your new kiddos will appreciate walking into a warm & inspiring classroom but what they’re looking forward to most is YOU!!!!

Don't adapt to the energy in the room, influence it.

If you're inspired to brighten your classroom with this Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor, click below to see the collection! 

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle Editable

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