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Boho Rainbow Sound Wall

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This Boho Rainbow Classroom Sound Wall includes the resources to set up a Vowel Valley and Consonant Wall in your classroom.

The phoneme posters have clear visuals to help your students remember the sounds.

127 different grapheme cards (representing the most common spelling patterns) are included.

Choose from 2 designs: color graphics OR black & white graphics.

There are guide maps to help you set up your Vowel Valley & Consonant Wall.

You can easily create customized phoneme and grapheme cards to suit the specific needs of your classroom using the EDITABLE POWERPOINT templates.



  • Mouth articulation cards
  • SOUND WALL large pennant display
  • VOWEL VALLEY & CONSONANT title tiles
  • Lock cards to cover sounds that have not been introduced yet
  • Voiced/Unvoiced icons

PLEASE NOTE: This resource is a tool to set up a Sound Wall. It is not an instructional guide to implement the daily instruction in your classroom.




LONG E: ee, ea, ey, e, _y, e_e, ie, ei

SHORT I: i, y

LONG A: a, a_e, ay, ai, ei, ea, eigh, ey

SHORT E: e, ea


LONG I: i_e, ie, y, igh, I

SHORT O: o, a, al

SHORT U: u, o, oo, ou

AW: aw, au, all, a, ou

LONG O: o_e, oa, oe, ow, o

SHORT OO: oo, u, ou

LONG U: oo, u_e, ue, ew, ui, ou, u

YU: u_e, u, ew, eu

SCHWA: a, e, i, o, u








P: p

B: b

T: t, _ed

D: d, _ed

K: k, c, ck, ch

G: g, gh

L: l, ll

R: r, wr

M: m, mb

N: n, gn, kn, pn

NG: ng

CH: ch, _tch

J: j, g

WH: wh

W: w

Y: y

F: f, ph

V: v, _ve

TH: th

S: s, ss, ce, c, ci, cy

Z: z, s, zz

SH: sh, ch, ci, ti

ZH: s, si

H: h

QU: qu

X: x


Editable PowerPoint templates allow you to EDIT THE TEXT and add your own graphics. The background designs and colors are not editable.

Fonts are embedded in the editable PowerPoint files. Some MAC and older versions of PowerPoint may not support this feature. In this case, you can use any font installed on your computer.



The PDF files should be opened in ADOBE READER for the best viewing and printing experience. It is a free download and the link is included in the file.

The editable PowerPoint file requires access to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Using the desktop version of PowerPoint on your computer/laptop is recommended. The web-based version of PowerPoint has some limitations that may interfere with text features (outlines, shadows, font size).