Classroom Calendar DIY

Classroom Calendar Whiteboard DIY

Has anyone else changed their calendar set up/routines each year? I sure have.

Some years I’ve been really consistent with the routine while other years I’ve found myself questioning how effectively I’m using that time.

It can be challenging to find the right set up for a calendar wall.

Classroom Calendar Wall Setup with Whiteboard

The physical set up of the area can also been a challenge!

I’ve tried all kinds of things…pocket charts, purchased calendars from the teacher shop, washi tape grids.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some but that’s because I’ve blocked them out.

Not good memories.TONS of time invested and I was never completely satisfied with the outcome.

For yeeeaaaars, I’ve been looking for a dry erase board that would function as our classroom calendar. Problem was finding the correct size (and time) to make it happen.

I Found It!

My calendar prayers were finally answered as I happened upon this board in Staples!

It’s from U Brands and you can click the photo to see it on Amazon.

UBrands Whiteboard

Up until this point, it was a struggle to find a board that was the right size AND a decent price point.

This U Brands whiteboard is 20" x 30" which turned out to be the perfect size! 


Getting Started

First thing I did was measure out 6 rows. Turns out my 3classroom border came in handy for measuring and drawing the horizontal lines.

Use 3" Border for Grid Spacing on Whiteboard Calendar

The border was a perfect spacer and ruler.

My original plan was to draw the lines with a pencil first and then trace with a Sharpie.

That plan had to be scrapped because:

A- I couldn't find a marker ANYWHERE! Yes, I am a teacher. Yes, I brought home ALL THE THINGS I thought I’d need for the summer. But not a marker to be found.

B- As I traced with the pencil, I began to worry about my ability to make straight, even lines with a marker.

Then I decided to get out my trusty clothespins and string…they have come to my rescue so many times at school!

String and Clothespins

This is worthy of it’s own post but I have come to LOVE using string and clothespins to hang things in my classroom. It makes things so much easier and saves oodles of time.

I marked off my lines with the pencil (using my border as a guide) and then hot glued the mini clothespins along the edges on both sides.

Hot Glue String Along Edges of Whiteboard

Hot glue clothespins along the frame and attach string.

Once the glue completely dried, I attached the string. I wasn’t too worried about cutting the perfect lengths.

Some hangs off the edges but it’s all good! It gives it a bit of a rustic look.

Whiteboard Classroom Calendar

It should be noted here: not all mini clothespins are created equal! I’ve bought some that seem to fall apart with very little pressure.

Like just looking at them is enough to break them!! These ones are MUCH stronger.

Since it’s a smooth surface and it needs to hold up to some wear & tear, I used my high-temp glue gun with Gorilla glue sticks. They haven’t failed me yet!

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks for Classroom DIY Projects

I created some new days of the week pennants in solid colors for the top row.

Tin Bucket to Hold Extra Calendar Cards

Hot glued a larger clothespin and attached a bucket for extra calendar cards!

Calendar Wall Setup

There are so many options when it comes to setting up a calendar wall. 

This set up uses the Months of the Year Pennants on a string and includes Inspirational Posters from the Boho Rainbow Bundle BONUS File.

Classroom Calendar Wall Setup


Calendar Wall set up with month cards on the side:

Calendar Wall with Months Along the Side


Seasons & Weather Charts

This year I’ll be adding the Weather Watcher section back into my calendar routine.

Season and Weather Chart

My plan is to hang a thermometer outside our classroom window so we can check the temperature together. At the beginning of the year, we’ll use the hot, warm, cool, cold cards.

As we progress, I’ll laminate the Today’s Temperature and we’ll write the temperature on the card. 


Calendar Refresh

Exciting news…the Boho Rainbow Classroom Calendar Kit has been updated and refreshed!

Boho Rainbow Calendar Wall Update

Large calendar templates have been added so you have the option to print your own calendar!

Large Calendar Template with Polka Dots

New labels to keep everything organized:

Calendar Cards Label

 Days in School Place Value Labels

Ten Frames have been added to keep track of Days in School:

Ten Frames Days in School

If you loved the original calendar designs in this post, I’ve got you covered!

There is a link in the new calendar file that allows you to download the original version.

You can mix & match to create your perfect classroom calendar setup!

Click below see everything included in the Boho Rainbow Calendar!

Boho Rainbow Classroom Calendar Editable

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