Neutral Rainbows Classroom Decor Bundle

Neutral Rainbows Classroom Decor Bundle

The words NEUTRAL and RAINBOWS aren’t usually associated with one another.

Until now!

Rainbows will always be a beautiful symbol of hope which makes them a perfect fit for the classroom.

If you love the idea of rainbows but are searching for a more neutral and calming color palette for your classroom, you're in the right place!

Bulletin Board Setup

Picking out the perfect combination of bulletin board paper and borders can be time consuming so let's save you some time!

The beauty of the neutral color palette is that it will coordinate well with a variety of bulletin board papers.

Neutral Classroom Color Palette for Neutral Rainbows

Much to my surprise, the paper that made this theme pop the most was the Dark Wood Bulletin Board Paper paired with the Messy Dots borders!

Dark Wood Bulletin Board Paper and Messy Dots Border

You can find the Dark Wood Paper here:

Dark Wood Better Than Paper Bulletin Board Paper

If you’d like to go even darker with the paper, the Black Wood Bulletin Board Paper is a great choice too!

Black Wood Better Than Paper Bulletin Board Paper

Option to add some twinkly lights for a little extra sparkle!

Neutral Classroom Bulletin Board with Fairy Lights 

If you’ve been around Heart of the Class for a while, you will definitely be familiar with these lights.

They are amazing and add instant warmth and coziness to any space.

The Neutral Rainbows Classroom Decor

Let’s get into the good stuff! Here’s a peek at what’s included in the Neutral Rainbows Classroom Decor Collection!

Classroom Organization

Keeping teaching resources and supplies organized is can be a challenge.

One of the keys is having a home for everything.

To help you create your organizational systems, the Neutral Rainbows Collection includes editable labels for the most popular types of storage containers.

10 Drawer Cart Labels

10 drawer cart with neutral rainbows drawer labels

These carts are versatile and can keep a lot of papers organized and accessible.

The wheels make them easy to move around the room which is a bonus.

Neutral Rainbows editable 10 drawer cart labels

Teacher Toolbox Labels

Quite possibly the BEST organizational tool for any teacher, the teacher toolbox keeps everyday essential items in one spot.

Teacher toolbox with neutral rainbows labels

We spend so much time looking for little items in our classrooms… sticky notes, staples, remotes, PENS!!

You can personalize the toolbox labels and create homes for those random things that always seem to disappear!

Editable teacher toolbox labels in neutral rainbows theme

Not only can you customize the text on the labels but you can also create your design by combining your favorite styles. So many possibilities!

Neutral Rainbows Teacher Toolbox Design 

Neutral Teacher Toolbox Editable Labels 

Teacher toolbox Neutral Rainbows design options

If it’s your first time assembling a teacher toolbox, this Teacher Toolbox Tutorial will have one sitting on your desk in no time!


Sterilite Drawer Labels

The 3 Drawer Sterilite Organizers are another handy option for desktop organization.

They’re a great tool to gain control of the endless piles of papers that seem to magically accumulate on your desk.

Grade Copy File Sterilite Drawer Labels

Stack 2 and you’ve can keep your plans and copies for the week organized.

This is REALLY helpful when you have to be away from the classroom for an emergency.

Editable Sterilite Drawer Labels for Weekly Plans

Editable Sterilite Drawer Labels for Weekly Plans

Your supply teacher can easily find the day’s copies and it’s a whole lot less stressful for you at home!

Classroom Calendar

Neutral Classroom Calendar Wall Setup

Set up your classroom calendar with ease!

Neutral Rainbows Classroom Calendar Wall Setup

Choose from days of the week and months of the year cards OR pennants.

Classroom Calendar Months Pennants

Pennants are a great option when you have limited bulletin board space. Hang them on string with clothespins and you’re all set.

String them lower on the wall and they can be a hands-on center for your students. They can practice placing them in order!

Neutral Rainbows Days of the Week Cards 

The calendar cards are the standard 2.5x 2.5so they fit in most pocket chart calendars.

Calendar Cards in Black Calendar Pocket Chart

Another of my favorite ways to set up a classroom calendar is with a dry erase board.

You can use magnets, string & clothespins, stikki clips or sticky tack to attach the calendar numbers.

 Classroom Calendar Whiteboard Setup with String and Clothespins

My go-to is this UBrands Dry Erase Board that is 20x 30. It’s durable and the perfect size!

If you’d like to try out the Dry Erase Board option, I have more details for you in this Classroom Calendar DIY Tutorial.

Calendar Extras

Split Date Cards

Classroom Calendar Cards Split Date Cards

Special Day & 24 Holiday Cards with Graphics

Holiday Cards for Classroom Calendar


Season and Weather Cards

Season and Weather Chart Cards with Graphics

A tip to keep your season and weather cards organized: hot glue a small bucket near your calendar area. Use a high-temp glue gun and it will stay put!

Bucket to hold classroom calendar cards

Classroom Schedule Cards

Keeping a visual schedule in your classroom will do wonders for your little ones who need to know what is coming next.

It allows students time to prepare for upcoming transitions and limits the amount of ‘surprises’ in their day.

Classroom Schedule Cards with Pictures

All cards include graphics to help even the youngest learners follow along.

 Classroom Visual Schedule Cards with Pictures

Move the arrow cards to help your kiddos keep track of the schedule.

Classroom Schedule Cards with Arrow

Classroom Schedule Happening Now Card

If you think you might forget to move them, make it a classroom helper job.

Classroom Jobs Board

Involving students in the day-to-day maintenance of the classroom is a great way to create a sense of community and ownership of the space.

44 job cards with graphics are included along with editable options.

Neutral Classroom Jobs Board with Pictures

You have the choice to use numbers or student name cards.

Using numbers saves lots of time since you can reuse them each year. It's one less thing on your back to school 'to do list'. YAY!


Alphabet, Number, Shape & Color Posters

Neutral Alphabet Posters and Number Line with Rainbows


2D and 3D Shape Posters

Neutral 2D and 3D Shape Posters 

Classroom Color Posters

Classroom Color Posters with Rainbows 

The smaller color cards take up much less space on your walls.

Small classroom color cards with rainbows

Inspirational Posters

Let’s wrap up with a few positive messages, shall we?!

Our little ones spend a lot of time in our classrooms and a few inspiring messages can brighten their days.

Classroom Inspirational Posters Rainbow Theme

Neutral Classroom Inspirational Posters Rainbow Theme

Primary print posters are also included as an alternative to the cursive font.


We’ve just skimmed the surface of all that’s included in the Neutral Rainbows Classroom Decor Collection!

Click below to see everything that is included in the bundle and to start creating your own Neutral Rainbows classroom!

Neutral Rainbows Classroom Decor Bundle