Modern Boho Classroom Decor

Modern Boho Plants Classroom Decor Grow Together

Inspire your students to Grow Together with this classroom decor bundle!

The Modern Boho collection will transform your classroom into a calm and inviting space that will make everyone feel at home.

It is a unique collection with a blend of tile patterns, navy watercolor and pops of warm gold.

Add beautiful houseplants to this backdrop and you have the Modern Boho Classroom Collection! 

Classroom Door Decor

Your classroom door is the first thing students see each day so let's set the tone with the Modern Boho door decor.

Modern Boho Plant Classroom Door Decor with Names

These editable posters and name cards create a welcoming and personalized classroom door.

Editable Welcome Sign for Boho Plants Neutral Classroom Door

Daily Schedule Cards

These classroom visual schedule cards with graphics make it easy for little learners to follow along.

Boho Plants Neutral Classroom Schedule with Graphics

All text is editable and cards without graphics are included so it can be customized to work for older students too!

Neutral Plants Classroom Theme Schedule Cards

Classroom Calendar

The Modern Boho calendar set is PACKED with everything you need to customize your classroom calendar set up.

Modern Boho Plants Classroom Calendar Wall

From a printable calendar to weather cards to 10 frames to track days in school, it’s all here! Choose from primary or whimsical fonts.

  • Days of Week cards
  • Months of Year cards
  • Year cards
  • Calendar numbers
  • Holiday cards
  • Pop-up holiday cards
  • Season Chart
  • Weather Chart
  • Days in School Chart
  • Printable calendar
  • 10 Frames
  • Large Title cards
Modern Boho Plants Classroom Printable Calendar
Houseplants Classroom Decor Days in School Chart Place Value Chart

    Classroom Alphabet Posters

    Choose from alphabet posters with graphics, letters only or an alphabet line with primary lines.

    There are 2 graphic options for each letter so you can mix & match to create your perfect classroom alphabet!

    Printing Tip

    Print 2 posters per page to save precious space!

    Modern Boho Plants Navy White Alphabet Posters Neutral Classroom Decor

    The letters are bold so they can easily be seen from a distance.

    Posters also available with cursive font including a cursive and print combination set. 

    Classroom Color Posters & Pennants

    Color posters are a must have in primary classrooms!

    Your little ones will reference them regularly when learning to write.

    Plants Classroom Decor Theme Color Posters and Pennants

    Choose from 2 full-page poster designs.

    Classroom Color Posters Plant Classroom Theme Decor

    With space at a premium, the color pennants will be your BFF

    Classroom Shape Posters

    2D and 3D shape posters are included in 2 designs.

    Plants Neutral Classroom Theme 2D 3D Shape Posters

    Space-saver cards are an option if you’re working with limited space or want to create a bulletin board display.

    2D and 3D Shape Posters for Classroom Neutral Plants Decor


    Number Posters & Number Line

    Choose from 3 number poster designs including 2 styles with 10 frames:

    • Numbers 0 – 30
    • Number Line 0 – 120
    • 100 & 120 Charts
    Boho Plants Number Posters with Ten Frames Neutral Classroom Decor Theme

    More than just number posters!

    Print multiple posters on a page to create cards for centers or pocket chart activities.

    Print multiple number posters on one page

    Make your number line interactive with the mystery cards!

    Interactive Classroom Number Line Neutral Polka Dots Classroom Decor

    Teacher Organization

    Keep your teaching and classroom supplies organized in style with these teacher favorites!

    Teacher Toolbox

    Give your teacher toolbox a refresh with the Modern Boho editable toolbox labels.

    Boho Plants Classroom Teacher Toolbox Labels Editable
    Teacher Toolbox Labels Editable Boho Plants Classroom Theme

    Rolling Cart Labels

    With endless uses around the classroom, rolling carts are a classroom essential.

    Whether you have a 5, 10 or 12 drawer cart, these Modern Boho editable labels will transform your cart!

    10 Drawer Cart Labels Boho Plants Neutral Classroom Decor

    Boho Plants 12 Drawer Cart Labels Editable

    Binder Covers and Spines

    These bestselling binder covers will make organizing your resources a breeze.

    Editable Binder Covers with Plants and Tiles

    The Binder Organization post will guide you through using these gorgeous binders to keep your classroom life in order!

    Bulletin Board Setup

    Add the finishing touches to your classroom displays with borders & pennants.

    Decorative Pennants

    Classroom Pennants White Brick Tile Gold

    Printable Bulletin Board Borders

    No more worries about finding the right color match for your decor or running out of borders just as you're about to finish setting up a bulletin board!

    These printable Modern Boho borders add the perfect finishing touch for your classroom displays.

    Modern Boho Printable Borders  

    Classroom BUNDLE Bonus Resources

    Here's a peek at some of the extra goodies that are included with the Modern Boho Classroom BUNDLE

    Editable Hand Signals

    Encourage independence and limit interruptions with hand signals.

    Your students can easily communicate what they need by learning a few simple hand signals.

    Editable Hand Signals with Tile Background

    With 9 different signals and easy editing in the PDF file, you’ll have them ready to go in minutes!

    Table Signs

    Boho Plants Classroom Table Signs Editable 

    Classroom Labels

    The secret to an organized classroom? Everything needs a home AND a label!

    Classroom Supply Labels with Graphics

    When students can easily locate and put away items, it saves you TONS of time and encourages independence.

    Classroom Supply Labels with Pictures

    Labels with clear visuals are a must for the little ones!


    Editable Book Bin Labels

    Editable Book Bin Labels Neutral Colors

    And so much more...

    • Decorative Pennants
    • Sterilite Drawer Labels
    • Classroom Promises
    • Table Signs
    • Tooth Tally Chart
    • Birthday Display
    • Clock Numbers
    • Dismissal Chart
    • Voice Level Chart
    • Small Number Pennants
    • Editable Labels & Posters

    Let's get Started!

    Open the door to your new Modern Boho classroom...

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