Calm & Cozy Classroom Decor

Calm Cozy Classroom Decor Bundle

Exciting things are coming for the Calm & Cozy Classroom Decor Collection!

To celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of this sweet collection, there will be a major design update.

If you already own the bundle, stay tuned as you'll be able to download all the new goodies!

Let's take a look at the original collection:

Bulletin Board Setup

The Loop de Loop and Blush Scallops borders were part of the inspiration for this decor.

Loop de loop borders and blush borders

Paired with the soft blue fabric on the bulletin board, it creates a calming backdrop.

The links for these borders can be found on the Classroom Finds page. 

Loop de loop borders and blush borders bulletin board

If you haven't tried fabric instead of paper on your boards, I highly recommend it!

It's durable, doesn't wrinkle in humid weather, and you hardly notice the staple marks on it.

One of my teacher friends even took hers down, washed it, and put it back up!

Bed sheets are a great option since you can find deals and tons of color/pattern options.

Bed sheets used as fabric for bulletin boards

Classroom Organization

The Calm & Cozy Decor Collection is packed with everything you need to organize your classroom!

Rolling Cart Labels

As one of the best classroom organization tools, these carts can be used for just about anything.

Pastel Rolling Cart Labels with Succulents Editable

Choose from 2 designs: gray & white patterns or solid pastels.

Pastel 10 Drawer Cart Labels Editable

Teacher Toolbox Labels

Create customized labels for your teacher toolbox with 2 sizes of the editable drawer labels.

Calm Pastels Teacher Toolbox Editable


Pastel Teacher Toolbox with Succulents

Teacher Binder Organization

From lesson plans to substitute plans, the editable binders will help you keep it all organized!

Editable Pastel Teacher Binders with Succulents

The monthly theme binders with quotes will make you smile each time you reach for them.

Monthly Theme Binder Covers

Classroom Calendar

Setting up your classroom calendar wall will be easy with the Calendar Kit!

All pieces are included in both primary fonts & whimsical fonts and there are lots of options.

Pastel Calm Classroom Calendar Wall

The cards fit in most standard calendar pocket charts but you can also set up your calendar on a bulletin board or whiteboard.

This calendar was set up using a whiteboard, string and clothespins and the steps are explained in our Classroom Calendar DIY tutorial.

Pastel Classroom Calendar Cards in Bucket


Smaller pennants are perfect when you are working with limited space! 

Pastel Calm Classroom Months Pennants for Calendar Wall

Classroom Jobs

Anyone else struggle with setting up classroom jobs?! I sure have.

After much trial and error, I realized that using numbers saved a lot of time during the busy classroom-setup each year.

Pastel Classroom Jobs Board Number Magnets


You can use the numbers over and over so the display can basically stay the same each year. Woohoo!

Class Jobs Board with Numbers

The classroom job cards with pictures are perfect for little learners who are still learning to read.

If you have 2 classes, use two different number colors. I love using a tin plaque because you can store numbers on the back.

Classroom Jobs Display Magnetic Board

Because numbers can feel impersonal, I made it a little more fun by giving them their numbers through a Superhero Reveal :)

Student Number Reveal Superhero Scratch Cards

Editable Desk Tags

Save time setting up your student desk name tags. The fonts are embedded in the PDF file so you can just type & print!

Student Desk Name Tags with Succulents Primary Font

Inspirational Posters

These Classroom Promises and Inspirational Posters are both included in the Bundle Bonus File and will brighten your classroom walls.

Framing classroom rules and expectations as Classroom Promises can encourage students to be active participants in creating classroom culture.

Classroom Rules as Classroom Promises

They're editable so you can create them as a class to make them meaningful.

Inspirational messages displayed around the classroom help create a positive learning space.

Mistakes are Proof You're Trying Inspirational Classroom Poster
Bloom Where You Are Planted Inspirational Classroom Poster
You Are Loved Inspirational Classroom Poster


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