The Collections

The magic of finding your perfect classroom decor:

it will not only look good, it will feel good.


Boho Rainbow

Our bestselling collection with a gorgeous muted color palette and whimsical rainbows.

Editable Classroom Schedule Cards with Pictures
Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Setup
Boho Rainbow Classroom Alphabet Posters
Boho Rainbow Cart Drawer Labels Editable

Modern Boho

Make your classroom feel like home with cozy plants, inspired tile patterns on a timeless neutral palette.

Let's Grow Together Classroom Schedule Cards
Editable Binder Covers with Plants and Tiles
Modern Boho Plant Classroom Door Decor with Names
Modern Boho Plants Editable Student Desk Name Tags

Neutral Rainbows

Rainbows meet a neutral earthy palette in this whimsical decor collection.

10 Drawer Cart Editable Labels
Neutral Rainbows Teacher Toolbox 26 Drawers
Classroom Inspirational Poster Rainbow Dream Big