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June 28, 2019 No Comments


June 28, 2019 No Comments

So this is a post about what happens when you decide that THIS is the year your room gets a COMPLETE OVERHAUL!!! Our classrooms are literally our second homes for much of the year and they have a powerful influence on how smoothly our classes run. Not sure about you, but I put a lot of thought into the layout and organization of my room every year. Here’s how it’s gone the last few years:

Me: I reeeeally need to rethink my book nook area. Should I move it? Add some storage and keep some word work activities over there? What about all those books on CD? Move them to iPods? iPads? Is there an App for that?!

Oh, and the anchor charts! Need a new system for that. Big pain to keep moving them from the easel to the board. Would be nice to have them accessible to the kiddos all the time. I know I’ve pinned a ton of genius solutions. Time to get on that!

JOBS! Like yesterday!!! What was I thinking getting rid of those?! facepalm

Teacher desk…should I try that experiment again?! Oh how I missed it when it was gone. But then, getting rid of it (AGAIN) would free up sooooo much space. What do I really use it for anyway?!

And the theme?! I’m currently rocking pieces of three different themes *cringe*. There’s wood and sweet forest animals, there’s my beloved owls, there’s gingham. Note to self: If you’re going to start changing the decor, try really hard to finish!

The firsties are coming

Aaaaaahhhhhh! Brain overload. I usually start a few projects but then realize that school starts soon and EEEKKKK – the firsties are coming! That’s when I have to abort the rest of my classroom transformation and start focusing on what I’m actually going to DO when my new group of fresh first graders arrive!

And sadly, status quo reigns supreme for yet another year. Another classroom transformation POSTPONED. There’s always next year, right?!?


Here’s the thing: if what you have is working for you and you’re happy with it – stick with it!! Don’t ‘fix’ what isn’t broken right? That’s where I was for quite a few years. My room was functioning well and I had some pretty good systems in place. But over the last year or so, I’ve been starting to have a new vision for how I want my room to look and feel.

I want to feel inspired again

The needs of my little ones are changing. My instruction is evolving. New ideas are rolling around in my head. Maybe my biggest motivator is this: I want to feel INSPIRED again when I open my classroom door. Yup. I want things to be freshened up and make me excited to try new things. It’s not just a room refresh but a refresh of my teaching.

Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life. Robin Sharma

The first time I heard that quote I stopped in my tracks. I now try to apply it to EVERY aspect of my life. When it comes to teaching, it’s so easy to fall into a comfort zone when you teach the same grade in the same room for years. It’s really up to you to hit RESET when you feel like you’re sliding into a bit of a rut. Truth: that’s where I’m at. So I’m gonna do something about it.

And guess what?! I can already feel the excitement building. The possibilities are swirling around in my head. The best thing? Since I’ve made the commitment, I KNOW this is the year that it will happen. No half-done transformation for me. No sirreeee. I’m all in on this. Woot!


So, how am I going to make this happen? Well, you can follow along here on my blog and on my Instagram! I’ll be posting it all as I go!! So grab a coffee (or some other fun summer bevy) and join me on the journey 🙂 The full classroom reveal will be posted under the Classroom Tour section!

What are you thinking of changing up in your classroom next year?! What’s motivated you to make these changes now? Let me know in the comments!

With love, from my classroom to yours,

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