Free Boho Rainbow Bulletin Board

Free Welcome New Year Bulletin Board

Looking for a welcoming bulletin board for back to school season?

Teacher desk area in the classroom feeling a little uninspiring these days?

If either of these sound familiar, I have the perfect gift for you…

A FREE BULLETIN BOARD KIT that coordinates with the Boho Rainbow Decor Collection!

Free Inspirational Posters Back to School

 Boho Rainbow Bulletin Board Free Pennants

Let's explore some ways that you can make the most of your bulletin board kit…

Small Bulletin Board Setup

Give your teacher desk area a glow up or create an online teaching backdrop with this mini bulletin board.

Teacher Bulletin Board Teaching Backdrop

If you are creating an online teaching background, the first step is to sit down and turn on your laptop camera so you can get an idea of what will be in view while you're teaching.

Bulletin Board Dimensions

While it will vary depending on your space, a bulletin board of 3×5 feet is a good starting point.

The bulletin board in the photo is approximately 4×4 feet (plus the borders).

The Tape Trick

To save yourself time, can measure out your board space and mark the corners with small pieces of painter’s tape.

Teacher Bulletin Board Setup

Turn on your laptop camera and see how much of the area is captured by the camera.

Putting it Together

Once you’ve decided where your board will go, it’s time to put up the background.

I used the Weathered Wood Fadeless bulletin board paper which looks great with so many color palettes. Can't go wrong with it!

Weathered Wood Bulletin Board Paper

Click below to see them on Amazon:



Painter's Tape is your BFF!

If you take one piece of advice from this, let it be this: painter’s tape is a MUST!

Classroom Bulletin Board Setup with Painter's Tape

 Quality painter’s tape is strong enough to keep everything in place AND you won’t damage your walls.

In fact, painter's tape is better than masking tape for almost everything in the classroom.


Place the painter’s tape on the back of your paper and smooth it out on the wall.

You can also use the tape to place your pieces on the bulletin board paper…just be careful when peeling it off later. The sloooooower the better!

String & Clothespins

You might also want to consider using string and clothespins when setting up your bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Tip Use String to Hang Pennants

It makes it SO EASY to make adjustments and you can easily change out items by simply clipping them on the string!

Free Boho Rainbow Welcome Bulletin  Board

Bonus points for not damaging the background paper when moving things around.

A Little Sparkle

When in doubt, add twinkly lights!

Fairy lights create a cozy & warm feeling in any space. It’s like sprinkling on a little magic!

Bulletin Board with Fairy Lights

These fairy lights are my favorite for the classroom.

Included in Your Free Bulletin Board Kit:

Everyone’s space is a little different so I’ve included lots of pieces so you can pick and choose what you need.

Free Back to School Posters

Free Welcome Bulletin Board

Are you preparing a board to ring in the new year or welcome your students to a fresh start?

Free New Year Bulletin Board Posters 

Of course, posters are updated for the current year ;)

Ink-saving white backgrounds let you create a cheerful board while saving on ink.

Ink-saving Inspirational Posters


Your Turn!

Click the photo below to have your free bulletin board kit sent to you!

Boho Rainbow Free Bulletin Board Kit

I know you’ll create something beautiful with this bulletin board kit! 

Tag @heartoftheclass on Instagram so your creativity can inspire other teachers!

Loving the Boho Rainbow theme? See more of the collection by clicking the photo below!

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle Collection

Happy decorating!

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