Classroom Decor Printing Tips

Classroom Decor Printing Tips

Get More From Your Classroom Decor

Your classroom decor is so much more than meets the eye!

With some simple printing tricks, you can save yourself time and create additional learning materials.

Here are just a few of the many possibilities…

Print Multiple Pages On A Sheet

Did you know that you can print multiple pages on one sheet of paper?

It’s simple and you can easily adjust the size to meet your needs.

Print multiple posters on one page


To print multiple posters on a page:

  1. Open your PDF file in Adobe Reader and select Print
  2. Select ‘Multiple’ option and choose number of pages per sheet.

Print multiple pages on one page in Adobe Reader 

These cards can be used for a variety of purposes: games, centers, flashcards, pocket chart activities.

Hang a string and children can use clothespins to create a number line.

If you use a number system in your classroom (i.e., each student has a number), these are perfect for labeling cubbies and supplies.

Easy number labels:

Number posters become small number labels

Create Simple Games

Small ten frame cards can be used for card games like Go Fish

Small Ten Frame Cards

Print 4 pages per sheet to create ten frame matching game.

Print 4 posters per page

Cut the cards and you have an easy matching game!

Ten Frame Matching Game

Alphabet and color posters also make great matching games!



The editable pages allow for flexibility in how you use the items.

For example, the large classroom promises in the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle Bonus File can easily be used to create welcome signs or labels. 

Large Rainbow Classroom Labels

Print Quality

I print all of my decor items on white 65 lb card stock as it is durable and looks professional.

You can find the link to the specific paper I use on the Amazon Classroom Finds page.

For items that will be posted all year (alphabet, number & color posters), the card stock holds up much better than regular paper.

65 lb white card stock paper for classroom decor

I highly recommend card stock for the durability and professional look it will give your printed classroom decor.

Trust me…I tried to get away with using regular paper for my number posters one year. It was not a pretty sight!

With the fluctuation in humidity, they started to sag and ‘bubble out’. It was disappointing but lesson learned.

To Laminate or Not...

There was a time when I laminated EVERYTHING!

Eventually, I realized this was both wasteful AND unnecessary.

Laminate Classroom Number Line 

You might want to ask yourself how much of your decor do you really need to laminate.

If something is posted higher up on the wall, there’s a good chance that you’re better off not laminating it.

You’ll not only save yourself the time and tons of lamination sheets but you won’t have to worry about the glare on them.

An exception would be if you plan to leave them up for a long time (translation: you don’t get the itch to change out your decor every year or two like me!) and you want to protect them from fading.

Classroom Poster Printing

Did you know you can create a large classroom poster from a single page?

Click below to check out the Classroom Poster Printing Tutorial!

Classroom Poster Printing Tutorial

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