Boho Rainbow BUNDLE BONUS!

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle Bonus

When I set out to update the BONUS file for the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle, the plan was to add a few items like hand signals and Sterilite drawer labels. 

And then it snowballed! It was exciting to give current items a fresh look and add new goodies.

Now, there's so much in this BONUS file that it needs it’s own post. So here we go!

Bring on the Binders!

There’s just something about getting out those Flair pens and teacher binder that makes work feel more enjoyable!

Speaking of Flair pens, how about some binder covers with them?!

 Editable Teacher Binder with Flair Pens

 Of course, in keeping with the Boho Rainbow theme, you have a selection of rainbow covers as well.

Editable Teacher Binders with Rainbows

Classroom Hand Signals

So you’ve just poured your heart and soul into what you consider to be one of your best lessons and you finally get around to answering the kiddo who is frantically waving a hand in the air and…

Can I get a drink of water?!


Wind right out of your sails. Also…cue the chorus of “Me too?” that will inevitably follow.

Our little ones have needs and we have to find a balance between meeting them while also keeping some momentum going in our lessons.

This is where hand signals come in handy!

Editable Hand Signals for Classroom

The BONUS file includes 9 editable hand gestures that you can teach your students to use so you’ll always be able to quickly assess the urgency of a request.

Teach and reinforce these early in the school year and you’re all set!

Classroom Rules & Promises

Set the tone with clear expectations of classroom behavior early in the year with these Classroom Expectations cards.

The editable templates can also be used to create Learning Goals by typing in your goals or printing blank copies and writing the goals with a whiteboard marker.

Learning Goals Editable Posters for Bulletin Board

Learning Goals Posters for the Classroom

The possibilities for these are endless…vocabulary words, sight words, schedules, center names, etc.

Editable Learning Goals Posters with Rainbows 

Classroom Supply Labels with Graphics

While it takes a little more effort, it’s worth it to use as many visuals as possible in your classroom to support young learners.

The benefits for reading and writing development are obvious but it also has the additional benefit of helping your kiddos take ownership in the classroom.

Classroom Supply Labels with Graphics

When things are clearly labeled, they can easily understand where to find and return items. It makes keeping the classroom tidy sooo much easier!

The bundle includes 60 ready-to-print classroom supply labels. 

The editable PowerPoint templates allow you to add your own text and graphics/photos so you can easily create additional labels.

Editable Classroom Supply Labels with RainbowsSide note: these templates are also perfect for adding student photos and names. They’d look adorable hanging from a string with clothespins!

Table Signs

If you have desks organized in groups or tables, it’s always helpful to give each group a number (or name if you are creative that way).

Boho Rainbow Table Signs with Numbers and Number Words

Table signs can be a great way to reinforce number words too.

Book Bin Labels

Whether you use plastic book bins or larger freezer bags, these labels will make them just a wee bit cuter!

Personal book bins are great for early finishers and kiddos usually love browsing the classroom library for books to add to their bins.

Editable Student Book Bin Labels Boho Rainbow

If you have a classroom library, a BOOK HOSPITAL could be the BFF you didn't know you needed ;)

Setting up a Book Hospital will save you from interruptions when your students urgently need to tell you about a damaged book. They just go directly to the Book Hospital.

Classroom Library Book Hospital Label

Oh, and you won't end up with piles of damaged books randomly scattered on your desk or stashed in the closet waiting for you to have time to repair them.

If you happen to have a volunteer with some extra time, it’s easy to pass along the bin!

Book level labels are also included!

Classroom Library Book Level Labels

Classroom Birthday Display

Boho Rainbow Classroom Birthday Display

Teacher confession: I rarely got around to any kind of special birthday display in my room.

It was usually a combination of running out of time during classroom setup, finding the space and trying to avoid visual clutter!

In creating the display options for this bundle, I wanted to give you options that would make the display easy, compact, and meaningful to your kiddos.

You just have to choose!

Rainbows with Candles

Rainbows with Candles Birthday Display

The rainbows with candles are small enough that you can display them all or just the current month.

Editable Rainbows with Candles Birthday Display

Perhaps near your calendar or meeting area?

The editable candles are super easy to edit in the PDF – simply type names and dates in the boxes and print. Voila!

Birthday Group Photos

My teaching partner used this style of display for years and it was adorable!

Photos of the kids instantly makes a space feel like their home.

Student Group Photo Birthday Display 

You could even combine taking these photos with a birthday graph math lesson.

Bring them up in groups by month, add them to the graph and then take their photo!

Student Group Photo Birthday Display Months

The bundle includes month cards and number circles they can hold up in the picture to show their birthdates.

Birthday Bags and Mini Posters

If you have a gift/treat that you like to give your kiddos on their birthdays, the birthday bags could be a great fit for you!

Boho Rainbow Classroom Birthday Bags Display

Use the mini month poster to type in student names and then attach it to a small gift bag. You can either display all 12 OR just the current month.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Birthday Bags Display

Keep the birthday treats inside and you’re good to go. Simple!

Sterilite Drawer Labels

The editable drawer labels allow you to customize them with ease.

Editable Sterilite Drawer Labels

Stack 2 units and keep your weekly copies at your fingertips.

Boho Rainbow Editable Sterilite Drawer Labels

Editable Sterilite Drawer Labels

They’re also a great spot for extra supplies of items like pencils, scissors, and glue sticks.

Consider adding a LOST & FOUND drawer too.

Anyone else frequently find random marker caps all over your desk? Now you can direct them straight to the L & F drawer :).

Clock Labels

Making sense of analog clocks is a challenge for our little learners so adding clock labels can be helpful.

Depending on your class, you may wish to start with just the :00 and :30 labels and add the rest as you go along.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Clock Labels

Editable Poster Templates

These templates are perfect for those times when you are short on time but want to create something that is visually appealing and coordinates with your decor.

Use them to post reminders on your door, list the steps for a task, center expectations, learning goals, and much more!

Boho Rainbow Editable Blank Poster Templates

They also make great digital templates.

Post quick notes for students and parents, outline the daily schedule, list group members, classroom news, contact info… you get the idea!

The PDF templates already have fonts embedded to match the other classroom materials (or you can select your own). Just type & print.

Boho Rainbow Editable Blank Poster Templates 

The PowerPoint templates allow you to add anything you wish on top of the template. Photos, graphics, charts, shapes…the options are endless.

They come in a variety of the theme colors so if you like to keep things matchy-matchy, you’ll love these!

Dismissal Chart

It's HOME TIME! The end of the day can be hectic so a dismissal chart can keep it all organized.

Classroom Dismissal Chart with Graphics

Write names on clothespins and clip on the dismissal cards. It makes it easy to make changes throughout the year!

Cherry on Top

Everything here is simply the cherry on top…an extra treat for purchasing the bundle.

The BUNDLE includes ALL Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor resources PLUS all that you see here in the BONUS file!

You can see it all by clicking below! 

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle Editable

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