100 Chart Games for First Grade

Free 100 Chart Game Winter Theme First Grade

100 chart games are a popular choice during math centers and for early finishers in my room!

They love racing to 100 and I love the fact that they are working on important skills while playing.

Minimal Prep

You can set these games up with minimal prep.

Grab a 100 chart and color some squares green (+10) and some red (-10). Each player will need a place marker (button, mini eraser). Add dice and you're all set!

They take turns rolling and moving their place marker. First one to 100 wins!

To add a little challenge, they have to roll the exact number to land on 100. 

Free 100 Chart Dice Game Winter Theme

Click the photo to grab your own copy of this winter version of the game! It will download immediately to your Downloads folder.

You can even have your kiddos create their own games by coloring some squares green (+10) and red (-10).

Just keep extra copies of 100 charts around (or laminate a few) and you have an easy math center or early finisher activity!

Tumble Tubs

Do you use foam dice in your classroom?

Up until now, they’ve been the glitter of my math program…they always SEEM like a good idea until you actually put them in the hands of your kiddos!

Introducing tumble tubs:

Place foam dice in a basket to create a Tumble Tub

These have saved my sanity! Grab all those empty baskets that you have tucked away in your cupboards. We teachers always seem to have loads of those, right?

Your kiddos can either toss the dice into the basket or roll them around inside the tub (I chose option B for my overzealous tossers 😉).

This also helps keeps things under control if you're using these activities for early finishers.

You won't have dice flying all over the room while other kiddos are trying to concentrate.

Seasonal Fun 

It’s easy to add a seasonal touch by using themed manipulatives as place markers (mini erasers, table scatters, or any other goodies you can find at the dollar store).

Seasonal counters and place markers for classroom games

They will help keep things fresh and interesting with minimal time and effort on your part. Yay!

Click here to download the 100 chart game if you think this could be a good fit in your classroom.

Until next time, 

Happy teaching!