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Odds & ends from my classroom. Sometimes we’re just in the mood to scroll through some pics! I hope you’ll take a peek and find an idea that inspires you!


Cup glued on student desk to hold supplies
Student supplies stay organized in their desk cups!

Managing classroom supplies can be tricky! Most of my students use the communal supplies and I need a system that makes it easy to keep them organized. I used table caddies at one point but found that we spent A LOT of time sorting the supplies in them and it felt like I was forever restocking them. WHERE IN THE WORLD DID ALL THE PENCILS GOOOOOOOO???? Huh?!? Anybody?! It remains one of the great mysteries to me.

I decided that my little ones needed to be accountable for the supplies they were using. Enter DESK CUPS! I used a high-temp glue gun to glue one on each desk. No worries about removal –> rubbing alcohol removes the glue from the desk! Always stay in the custodian’s good books 🙂 #teachertip

We started out with 2 pencils and one eraser in each cup. They were responsible for keeping track of their own cup supplies. I’d choose a volunteer or two to check the cups before I dismissed the class.

Missing a pencil? Ooopsies, time to find it!! They quickly learned to take care of their supplies since it was a big hassle for them to have to locate them at the end of the day. The cups are also great because I can see them at all times. This is helpful as I can prompt my little ones who are working on their organizational skills. I guess mistaking desk cups as handy little personal garbage cans is an honest mistake ;).

As the year progresses, we add in glue sticks and scissors. It saves so much time and encourages my first graders to take care of our supplies. The only thing not in the cups are the crayons buuuuuut I think I’ve solved that issue!!! I bought these beauties which are a little larger and will hold a container of crayons too! Woot!! They’re a perfect fit for my classroom makeover that you can read about here!

IKEA pink flower pot - glue on desk and it's a perfect pencil holder
New desk cups – a little larger so they’ll hold the crayons too!


Setting the tone for an indoor recess day…nothing is gonna rain on our parade!

Depending where you live, there may be times of the year when it feels like your kiddos are never going to have an outdoor recess again!!! We had a long stretch of rainy days this year and I worked hard to change my mindset and make the best of those dreary days. You can find my RAINY DAY, YAY! post here! It includes a little freebie bonus to brighten your day too 🙂


Springtime ABC Order: Getting our Ducks in a Row!

Are you like me and stock up on cute seasonal foamies and then stick them in a closet until you figure out a way to use them? Well since I created a ‘clothesline’ of sorts on my bulletin board, those foamies have suddenly come in very handy! For spring, I’m using the ducklings for ABC order. You can also have your students practice number order, skip counting, and patterning. The oh-so-handy IKEA bin stores the foamies and extra clothespins. Once you have it set up, it’s an easy center to adjust for the seasons and you have a good reason to stock up on fun foamies 😉

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