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Hello Calm Amazing Work Coming Soon

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Celebrate the AMAZING WORK of your students with this back to school bulletin board display from the Hello Calm collection!

It's perfect for the first days of school when you want to brighten those empty boards. The posters can be used year after year!

Hang the Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters for back to school and then replace them with student work. It's an easy bulletin board that can stay up all year!

Choose from color and B&W posters. Print & cursive options included.

This bulletin board kit includes EDITABLE name cards so you can personalize the display.

Attach the name cards to clothespins and switching out the work couldn't be easier!

Number cards are an option if you prefer to use student numbers rather than names.

Add the finishing touch to your AMAZING WORK display with the Title Cards! Editable PowerPoint templates allow you to edit the text to create a different title.

  • Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters: Color and B&W | Editable in PowerPoint
  • Editable Name Cards: Editable in PowerPoint
  • Number Cards 1 - 24: 2 designs | Editable in PowerPoint
  • Title Letter Cards: 2 styles | Editable in PowerPoint


Editable PowerPoint templates allow you to EDIT THE TEXT ONLY. The graphics, designs and colors are not editable.

Fonts are embedded in the PowerPoint file so you can just type & print!

Please note: some MAC and older versions of PowerPoint may not support this feature. In this case, you can use any font installed on your computer.


The PDF files are designed to be viewed and printed in ADOBE READER. It is a free download from Adobe and the link is included in the file.

The editable PowerPoint files require access to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Using the desktop version of PowerPoint on your computer/laptop is recommended. The web-based version of PowerPoint has some limitations that may interfere with text features (outlines, shadows, font size).