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Valentine’s Day Fun in First Grade!

February 4, 2019 No Comments

Valentine’s Day Fun in First Grade!

February 4, 2019 No Comments

Hello from Heart of the Class and Happy February! Our groundhogs here in Canada have conflicting predictions… I’m going with ‘spring’s right around the corner’ since THIS is what my world looks like these days!

Wintery walk to hot yoga

Fitting that the first post here on Heart of the Class is about Valentine’s Day! I struggled for years to find a way to make Valentine’s Day special in my classroom without sending my little ones on a sugar rush and spinning into chaos. After much trial and error, I finally found a happy balance and my students have LOVED it!

It’s quite simple: HIGHLIGTERS! Not sure if it’s unique to my room but my kiddos are obsessed with highlighters. Any task that involves highlighters immediately gets their attention.

I build up to this each time we use highlighters. If they can take proper care of the classroom highlighters, ‘one day’ they’ll get their OWN to KEEP! And so when the day finally arrives, it’s kind of an Oprah moment: YOU get a highlighter! YOU get a highlighter! EVERYBODY gets a highlighter!

EVERYBODY gets a highlighter!

Here’s a clip of Oprah’s My Favorite Things for those of you who have NO clue what I’m talking about 😉

And bonus…it’s a LOT cheaper!!

Another bonus…they’re motivated to use their new highlighters to work on their Valentine’s Day activity packets since no pencils are required. All activities can be completed with highlighters!

Valentine’s Day packet – no pencils needed!

We also squeezed in a couple of my favorite Valentine read alouds this week…

I Udderly Love You is a sweet tale of unconditional love
Slugs in Love and Little Mouse’s Big Valentine are always class faves!

I hope everyone else enjoyed a LOVEly Valentine’s Day with their kiddos!

With love, from my classroom to yours,

Heart of the Class

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