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‘Twas the Week Before Easter!

April 18, 2019 No Comments

‘Twas the Week Before Easter!

April 18, 2019 No Comments
Twas the Week Before Easter

The week before any holiday or school break can be, well, let’s just say interesting! Add in some spring fever in first grade and you’d better bring your A-game! Our week was a little messy and hectic in the middle but I can now safely say that we all made it! The kiddos left today with their Easter books and boxes {details coming up} and big smiles on their faces so that’s all that matters. All’s well that ends well, right?! Here’s a peek back at the whirlwind that was The Week Before Easter!

Easter Shopping {the fun part!}

Like all primary teachers, I love a good rip around the dollar store! Especially when the shelves are freshly stocked with new goodies for the next season or holiday! I won’t torture you with another photo of the neverending winter here in my part of the world but it’s felt like the longest everrrrrrrr. We broke records. True story. So there’s a little justification for my whining 😉

Ok, so this means that when the aisles fill up with colorful Easter and spring stuff, it’s like a giant flag of hope waving in front of me! Which often leads to a few fun purchases! Here are a few highlights:

Spring has sprung at the Dollar Store!

I also snagged these adorable ducks which are now in my ‘Ducks in a Row’ ABC Oder Center!

Ducks in a Row: Springtime Fun with ABC Order

Easter Boxes and Paper Bag Books

Easter books and boxes to retell the Easter story

THIS is one of my favorite activities of the year! We read Benjamin’s Box by Melody Carlson which is the fictional story of a young boy who follows Jesus through Jerusalem and he collects mementos in his treasure box. It pairs nicely with the Resurrection Eggs and we opened one egg each day.

Benjamin’s Box and the Resurrection Eggs

As the treasure box filled, my little ones were able to use the objects to retell the Easter Story. We created paper bag books to explain the meaning of each item. On the last day before the Easter break, they filled their boxes and took them home to share with their families. They were so excited and I’m amazed each year at how well they can retell the events!

Goldilocks in for Questioning!

Not sure about you, but anytime we have a long weekend or holiday break, I put a lot of pressure on myself to ‘tie up loose ends’ to make sure that I don’t have activities spilling over after the break. It’s nice to finish up units or activities and come back to a fresh start.

That meant that I wanted to wrap up a few activities from our Fairy Tales unit. It feels like this unit could go on for another month! There are sooo many great stories and endless curricular connections. We’ve been working on Questioning as a reading comprehension strategy so who better to bring in for questioning than Goldilocks herself?!

We read several versions of Goldilocks!

Once we were very familiar with the story, I asked my kiddos what they thought about Goldilocks. They had lots of strong opinions! So I encouraged them to think about what they would ask her if she came to visit our classroom. Oh boy! For a second they thought she was actually coming. Oops! (Note: I’m now on a mission to find an unsuspecting friend who could gently be coerced into spending an afternoon as Goldie in my room!)

I did still somehow manage to keep them interested and they came up with some thoughtful questions. Of course, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity for them to make their own Goldilocks characters to go along with their questions!

Goldilocks has some questions to answer!

Letters From Goldilocks

Goldilocks clearly needed some redemption in my room as my kiddos were not impressed that she:

1. wandered into the forest alone

2. went into the bear’s house without knocking

3. well, all the stuff that happened to poor Baby Bear!

Since we’re about to begin exploring letter writing, I thought it would be an opportunity for Goldilocks to try and make amends with the bears. That seemed to be what my kiddos wanted to see happen anyways! I’ve always introduced the parts of a letter with a song (wish I could remember where I first saw this…if anyone knows the original author, please let me know!). It’s simple and sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques” and goes like this:

We do actions as well. I’ll do my best to explain. It would be much easier to record a video but I’m now in my jammies so this is the best I can do!

Heading (touch top of head with both hands), Greeting (draw a smile across face), Body (swipe hands down in front of body), Closing (put both hands on knees), Signature (the fun part – criss cross hands on knees like the Charleston Bee’s Knees dance!). Parts of a letter (pretend to write in the air with your finger).

Once we’ve covered the parts of a letter, I show them an anchor chart with the parts labeled (sorry, forgot to take a pic but I think there are a whole lotta pics in this post already!). We talk about the parts and why we need them in a letter. Thhheeeen, I tell them that I need their help. Goldilocks is trying to ‘make things right’ with the bears but her letter got all mixed up! Their mission is to put the letter back in order to help her out. And…drum roll…these were the results:

They got it! They really, really got it! Gosh I love when things go right the first time! Hooray for my firsties!

Fairy Tales Chant

Last, but not least, we added our Fairy Tales chant to our chant books! We usually add a new poem each week but this one was longer and we worked with it for 2 weeks. It’s a fun one and the kiddos loved it! It only took them a week to stop reverting to the actual “Jingle Bells’ lyrics for the chorus 😉 Grab a copy by clicking below if you think your little ones might enjoy it!

Click above to download this Fairy Tales Poem!

And there you have it…the week before Easter! I’ll be back soon to catch you up on what’s going on in the world of math in our room: time and money, oh my! Until then, I wish you all a wonderful Easter!

With love, from my classroom to yours!

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