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Crazy Straw Student Gift Tags

June 23, 2019 No Comments

Crazy Straw Student Gift Tags

June 23, 2019 No Comments

Hello all & happy summer!!! We had a beautiful summer solstice here this weekend and I’m excited that we’re heading into our final week of the school year! We all know the mixed bag of emotions that the end of a school year brings along with a level of exhaustion only seen during back to school time…at least for me anyways! Cue the “there’s no tired like end of school year teacher tired” memes…

Despite the overwhelming urge to nap, I wanted to pop in and share a quick little goodie in case there’s anyone else stiiiilllll in school and looking for an easy & fun gift for their students. I’ve done lots of different gifts over the years but this year I returned to an old favorite…good ‘ole crazy straws!! They bring back fond memories of drinking chocolate milk with them when I was a kiddo. Annnnd these colors were fab ANNNND they change color too!!

Can’t get enough of the crazy straws. LOVE the colors and that they change color in cold drinks!

I made some tags to go along with them which you can grab by clicking on the pic below. You’ll also be able to personalize them by adding your name 🙂 Usually I add student names but it’s always tricky to know which color they prefer so I let them pick. Having 10 years of teaching under my belt means I bought a couple of extra packs as I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the white won’t be a crowd favorite 😉 Buuuuut I’ll also plant the seed that since they change color, we don’t know what it might become… #teachertricks #savingsanityinJune

Crazy Straw Student Gifts - Free Printable Tags
Click the pic to grab your own copy! Punch holes in the top and bottom, insert straw & done!!

Another thing I love about the twisty straws?! They can also double as reading pointers! Some of my firsties will definitely see that as their primary use. We add lots of reading pointers to our chant books (each poem is in a plastic page protector so the pointers easily tuck into them) throughout the year and little secret here… most aren’t actually meant to be reading pointers. Shocking I know! My kids think it’s great that we can use our imaginations and turn all kinds of things into reading tools. No doubt these will end up in some chant books which makes this teacher pretty happy 🙂

End of School Year Poem
See?! Exibit A: Drink stirrers make the best pointers! Cheap too so BONUS!

I’m digging deep to find the energy to make some lemonade with my kiddos so they can test out their new straws. I’ve always wanted to incorporate it into our procedural writing unit but it hasn’t happened…yet!!! It shouldn’t be that labor intensive right?! There’s got to be a little bit of juice left in the tank…right?! It’ll be worth it…right?! Hmmm…maybe I’ll make that decision after a little nap 😉

Hope you’re all doing well and if you’re still in school like me, hang in there!! If you’re already on summer vacay, I hope it’s everything you’ve hoped for and more! May you find the time to rest, reflect and rejuvenate…because YOU DESERVE IT!! Right?! THAT I know for sure. Even before my nap…

With love, from my classroom to yours,

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